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The Big Question: one generation’s meat is another one’s poison. Meg Rosoff, Matthew Engel and six other writers look 50 years into the future to see what will one day be beyond the pale

Found in Translation: Simon Willis admires the "parched stillness" of a Dutch novel that depicts a family reunionand a shared trauma

A Game, a Gadget and an App: Tom Standage becomes an assassin in Paris, fixes his posture and books a meal out

Short Read: for his classical-music pick, Michael Church spotlights Marcelo Álvarez, an Argentine tenor who sings with sincerity


The science of exoplanets has just had its biggest breakthrough, and it raises age-old questions about our place in the wider scheme of things. George Pendle shadows the planet-hunters

The Music of Science: a spaceprobe passing a planet gets the cheapest of all possible lunches. Oliver Morton hitches a ride 

Landscapes of the Mind: the mountain Robert Macfarlane most wants to climb is some way off

Cartophilia: Samantha Weinberg takes a high-tech—and colourful—look at lunar topography