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Inspiring Innovators: Melinda Gates is moved by Mother Teresa's belief in our shared humanity, and that everyone should be treated as if they matter

Inspiring Innovators: Jazzie B, the British DJ and entrepreneur, on the lessons he learned from the most meticulous man in show business—James Brown

Inspiring Innovators: Jimmy Wales, the co-founder of Wikipedia, is awed by J.J. Abrams' boundless creativityand the joy it brings

Inspiring Innovators: Dame Anne McLaren's pioneering work in embryonic development laid the foundations for Robert Winston's improvements in IVF. She was, he says, a brilliant scientist with a great sense of fun

Theme of the Week…Dancers

Inspiring Innovators: Peter Sellars admires Faustin Linyekula, the Congolese choreographer turning tragedy into art

Why did Sergei Polunin walk out on a golden career with the Royal Ballet? Julie Kavanagh goes to Kiev and Moscow to talk to him, his parents and his mentors

Short Read: Francesca Hayward was only 11 when Julie Kavanagh first saw her at ballet school. Now she's dancing Clara in "The Nutcracker"on 1,100 screens around the world

When Peru’s most wanted man was captured in 1992, a young ballerina went to jail too, for harbouring him at her studio. Nicholas Shakespeare flew to Lima to meet her—and to ask whether she was guilty