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The Big Question: Aminatta Forna argues that the modern world's greatest shame is our immense gluttony

The Big Question: for Jesse Norman, the Conservative politician, desiring more than you need is the most corrupting force

The Big Question: Will Self says we have built a culture saturated with prideit is the basis of who we are

The Big Question: for Ann Wroe, the wintriest sin is the one that chills the heart 

Writer of the Week…Nicholas Shakespeare

John Shakespeare lived in Peking in 1936. Now in his 80s, he has just gone back there for the first time. His son Nicholas Shakespeare tells the tale

When Peru’s most wanted man was captured in 1992, a young ballerina went to jail too, for harbouring him at her studio. The author of "The Dancer Upstairs", Nicholas Shakespeare, flew to Lima to meet her—and to ask whether she was guilty

Nearly 50 years ago, Nicholas Shakespeare's family was forced to flee Cambodia. Now he and his father return for the first time since the fall of the Khmer Rouge, and find ordinary Cambodians enduring a new kind of agony

Notes on a Voice: Nicholas Shakespeare on the lean lucidity of Graham Greene