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Bolshoi ballet
(Guardian): The Cossacks of the dance world kick off their summer season at the Royal Opera House this week

Toy Story 3
(BBC): Have Pixar created a new type of tear-jerker that will make even grown men cry?

The success of e-books
(Wired): is now consistently selling more e-books that dead-tree books

Today's quote:

"If you look back on history, you get the sense that scientific discoveries used to be easy. Galileo rolled objects down slopes. Robert Hooke played with a spring to learn about elasticity... Today, if you want to make a discovery in physics, it helps to be part of a 10,000-member team that runs a multibillion dollar atom smasher."

~ Samuel Arbesman, "Hard to find: Why it’s increasingly difficult to make discoveries–and other insights from the science of science" (Boston Globe)

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