Why does Intelligent Life have a tablet edition? Because a tablet is an excellent medium for magazines—good for reading and great for photography. As our editor says, “The iPad is both a library and a lightbox.” For Intelligent Life, which is available widely around the world but not universally, it’s a chance to reach readers in places where we are not on the newsstand—including America. Download the iPad app here. Download the Android app here.

What is the relationship between the app and the magazine? The app is, in effect, an Intelligent Life shop. Download that and you will have an Intelligent Life icon on your screen. If you tap the icon, you will be in the app and can download an edition of the magazine.

Is the tablet edition the same as the print edition? Almost exactly. It has the same regular sections and articles in virtually the same order. The tablet edition appears slightly later, so we have removed the odd event that has already been and gone from “This Season”, our arts calendar. We have made tiny adjustments in the editing to let the pages fit in their new home.

So have you just shoved the print pages up there? No. Every page has been subtly redesigned to work on a tablet, in both landscape and portrait modes, by Intelligent Life’s art director, Graham Black, and his deputy, Martin Lovelock. Advertisements from the print edition do not appear in the tablet edition, as the sole advertiser is Credit Suisse.

Is there any interactivity? Yes. There are film clips to watch and music clips to listen to, and whenever you see a red button, there is something to do—such as making a picture bigger or switching to slideshow mode. But we have not added bells and whistles just for the sake of it. This is a magazine.

What is Intelligent Life anyway? It’s an acclaimed bi-monthly magazine, published by The Economist, covering life, culture, style and places. It publishes original features, memoirs, profiles and other articles by contributors including Economist staff, leading journalists from elsewhere, well-known authors such as Julian Barnes, Douglas Coupland, Carlos Fuentes and Margaret Drabble, and prominent photographers such as Tim Flach and Jillian Edelstein. Intelligent Life is available on the newsstand in most parts of the world (price £5.95 or equivalent) and by subscription everywhere. It is edited in London by a small team headed by Tim de Lisle, who was recently named Editor of the Year (Lifestyle magazines) by the British Society of Magazine Editors. There are also foreign-language editions in Serbia, Portugal and Lithuania, published in association with local publishers.

Is The Economist available on a tablet too? Yes. It has an edition for tablets and smartphones, which can be downloaded every week from Thursday evening. It is free to The Economist’s print subscribers. 

What’s the relationship with More Intelligent Life? More Intelligent Life is our website, updated every weekday, which features web-only content (articles and blog posts) as well as material from the magazine drizzled out through the three months that each issue spends on the newsstand. The tablet edition is the print edition and doesn’t include web-only content.


What does it cost? Nothing at the moment. The latest edition, like its predecessors, is supported by Credit Suisse, which has enabled us to make it free. In due course, we expect to charge for each issue as we do in print. The app itself will remain free.


How long does it take to download the app? It should be a few seconds, but may take longer.

How long does it take to download an edition? It may take several minutes. But then the same is true of going to the newsagent, so please bear with us.

What happens if the download stops halfway through? If you're using the latest edition of the software, you should find that downloading resumes at the place where it left off.

Is there a way of bookmarking articles to return to later?
No. But if you leave the magazine to do something else on your tablet and then come back later, it should open at the last page you were reading. 

I've had problems downloading previous editions. Have you fixed them?
Yes. We had some technical problems with delivering the previous issue which we have now addressed; and we've made the file size much smaller to make downloading faster. Please try again!

The app seems to take a while to display the pages sharply. What can I do?
You must have the old version of the app. Please delete it and download the new version; it's much quicker.

I get an "unknown error" message after downloading the app/magazine. What do I do? Try restarting your tablet. If that does not work, try closing the app and then reopening it. If you're still having problems please delete and the reinstall the app, and then redownload the issues.

How do I delete issues of Intelligent Life from my tablet? To delete previous issues of Intelligent Life tap the ARCHIVE tab next to the issue in you library.


How do you navigate the pages? To get from one article to the next, swipe from right to left anywhere on the page—much like turning the page of the print edition. To scroll down within the same article, flick the downwards arrow (white on a grey block) in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. When that arrow turns into a blob, you have reached the last page of the article.

How do you get back to the contents? On the navigation bar at the top of the screen, tap the contents graphic, which is third from the left. A scrolling contents list will appear on the left-hand side of your screen.

How do you get in from the cover? Two ways: either swipe to go to the next page, or tap one of the cover headlines to go straight to the article concerned.


Is it possible to subscribe? On the tablet, not yet. In print, very much so—click here for our latest subscription offer.


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Download Intelligent Life on your iPad here.