iPhone FAQ


Why is Intelligent Life doing an iPhone edition? Firstly, because readers who wanted to be able to read the magazine on the move asked for one. Here's an edition of the magazine you can keep in your pocket and take with you wherever you go. Secondly, because Intelligent Life is available widely around the world but not universally, so it's a chance to reach readers in places where we are not on the newsstand—including America. 
Download it here.

What is the relationship between the app and the magazine? The app is, in effect, an Intelligent Life bookshelf. Download that and you will have an Intelligent Life icon on your screen. If you tap the icon, you will be in the app and will be taken automatically to the contents page of the latest issue. You'll receive new content automatically as we publish new issues. 

Is the iPhone edition the same as the print edition? We can't replicate the experience exactly. The iPhone is less like the iPad than you might think, and more like the web—because of its size, better for text than images. So on the iPhone we show off the quality of the writing, and hint at the glorious visuals. But it has the same regular sections and articles in almost the same order. Because the iPhone edition appears slightly later, we have removed one or two events that have already been and gone from “This Season”, our arts calendar. 

What is Intelligent Life anyway? It’s an acclaimed magazine, published by The Economist, covering life, culture, style and places. It publishes original features, memoirs, profiles and other articles by contributors including Economist staff, leading journalists from elsewhere, well-known authors such as Julian Barnes, Douglas Coupland, Carlos Fuentes and Margaret Drabble, and prominent photographers such as Tim Flach and Sebastião Salgado. Intelligent Life is available on the newsstand in most parts of the world (price £4.95, E7.50 or equivalent) and by subscription everywhere. It is edited in London by a small team headed by Tim de Lisle, who was named Editor of the Year in 2010 (Lifestyle magazines) by the British Society of Magazine Editors. There are also foreign-language editions in Serbia, Portugal and Lithuania, published in association with local publishers.

Is The Economist on the iPhone too? Yes. It has an edition for the iPhone and the iPad, which can be downloaded every week from Thursday evening. It is free to The Economist’s print subscribers. 

What’s the relationship with More Intelligent Life? More Intelligent Life is our website, updated every weekday, which features the Editors' Blog as well as material from the magazine published across the two months that each issue spends on the newsstand. The iPhone edition contains all the magazine content and doesn’t include web-only content. 


What does it cost? Nothing at the moment. It is supported by Credit Suisse, which has enabled us to make it free. 


How long does it take to download the app? It should be a few seconds, but may take longer, depending on your 3G or Wi-Fi connection. 

If I get an error message, what should I do? There are two error messages you might encounter. The first is: "A problem was encountered while connecting to the server. Please check your internet connection and try again later". If you see that, your internet connection probably timed out because your 3G or Wi-Fi signal is weak. Just try again when your internet connection is stronger. The second is: "A problem was encountered while connecting to the server. Our apologies for the inconvenience!". This means there's either a glitch with the server or we're updating the content. Either way, just wait a few minutes and try again. If the problem continues, let us know by e-mailing us at intelligentlife@economist.com. If the pages freeze, just close the app and re-open it. 

Is there a way of bookmarking articles to return to later? Yes. Every article you open will be stored on your phone for seven days, so you can read it wherever you are, even if you don’t have a mobile signal. You’ll find a tab called “Add to favourites” at the foot of each article. Click that and the article will be stored for reading offline until you remove it from your list of favourites. Images are not stored, so if you are reading an article offline they may not appear. Just connect to 3G or Wi-Fi to refresh them. 


How do I navigate the pages? From the contents page, which you'll be taken to automatically when you open the app, click on an article and then scroll down the page to read. Just click the arrow in the top left-hand corner of the screen to return to the contents page. 

If you click on a hyperlink, the web page will open within the app. Just click “Back” in the top left-hand corner of the screen to return to the article you were reading. 

As we publish new issues of the magazine, your app will be automatically updated. But if you want to read previous issues, you still can—issue tabs will appear on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen as new issues are published. 

Can I read articles in portrait and landscape modes, and can I enlarge the text? Articles can only be read in portrait mode, and the text cannot at the moment be enlarged by pinching the screen, but we plan to offer options for larger type in the next version of the app, which is being developed now. 


Is it possible to subscribe? Not on the iPhone, but in print very much so—click here for our latest subscription offer.


Please let us know what you think of the iPhone edition. E-mail your comments to intelligentlife@economist.com.