Which is the best month?

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Our latest Big Question looks at the twelve months ahead, and asks, which of these is the best? Six writers have chosen a month and over the next two weeks we will be publishing their views. But now we want your choices too.

The journalist Charles Nevin has embraced the cold darkness of December, a month of "defiant celebration, a great cock-snook to nature at its most miserable." While The Economist’s writer-at-large A.D. Miller pins all hope and happiness on that moment in May when the mulch of spring finally gives way to warmth: "Instantaneously it feels not only that the worst is over, but somehow as if it never really happened at all."

The poet and short-story writer James Lasdun also finds the promise of summer more tempting than its peak, plumping for April, "the one month that neither drags nor rushes…miraculous because nothing is diminished: the store of real heat still awaits you, far off and fully intact."

The claims of autumn are also well-represented here, as the poet and author Kathleen Jamie gathers apples and firewood in October, in preparation for "the closing down of the year". Ann Wroe, obituaries editor for The Economist, dissatisfied with the "dull march of gods, emperors and numerals" of Western months, draws our attention to Brumaire in the French revolutionary calendar. "Brumaire," she writes, "expresses—rather than marks—Keats's season of mists and mellow fruitfulness."

Only the novelist and poet John Burnside takes us deep into the summer, "the absolute of July, a month that never really begins or ends, but is resumed whenever conditions are right."

Which of the months gets your vote? Have your say in our poll, below, and please let us know why you chose the month that you did.

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